040/ 7am 26.06.19

I'm not afraid
I know that the pain you’ve caused me came from a place of self-hate.
A place that didn’t experience love, today I understand that love isn’t something
painful love dose never hurt.
In fact, it is the opposite, it fills you with joy happiness and good feelings.
No relationship needs an asshole and if people don’t understand the concept
don’t use them, explain and treat them with respect.
But remember to distance your self, if love has to be painful in their opinion.  
That's what my friend explained to me, when she left me,
I hope that one day she will know true love.




The year I was born

1994 The year I was Born
their was a gennoacide

It was latter when I discovered
what had happened the year I was born
my childhood was peaceful
when there accrued mass murder the year I was born
I hear the silence of the past shouting let me be heard
only imagine what it must feel like for the caged bird
has there been justice
how can their be peace
the victims the perpetrators  

1994 the year I was born
there was a genocide

I admire your strength
you seem to live with peace
you shall live in freedom
I won’t be the judge
In this world
to many black bodies are in prisoned    
when institutions for trauma are missing
the victims the perpetrators
accountability matters

1994 the year I was Born there was a genocide