What happens when the music industry is hit by a person so liberated from current notions and norms but simultaneously sensing the spirit of time?


What happens when a person uses the influence of the present as his tool and aspires to shape his very own future by it? That’s when a person heavily influenced by music and the very cultural aspects of the movement of Hip Hop decides to use music as a way of expressing very forward thinking ideas.


Berlin-based Elijah Hook abandons the same old, same old and is willing and spirited enough to live outside the box. Elijah Hook is devoted to the very essence of Hip Hop, fusing classic instrumental elements with electronic sounds and embracing authenticity and realness. He is a member of a new age, comes with an extra-ordinary sound and deep lyrics and one thing’s for sure, it’s not where he’s at, it’s where he’s about to go.



Released Projects:




Ciggarettes And Babypills